The London School of Economics and Political Science (virtual), May 31 - June 3, 2021

Survey speakers

Invited speakers

    Shalev Ben-David (University of Waterloo) —A New Minimax Theorem for Randomized Algorithms

    Omri Ben-Eliezer (Harvard University) —A Framework for Adversarially Robust Streaming Algorithms

    Pawel Gawrychowski (University of Wrocław) —Minimum Cut in O(m log2 n) Time

    Mohsen Ghaffari (ETHZ) —Distributed Derandomization and Network Decomposition

    Siyao Guo (NYU Shanghai) —Data Structures Meet Cryptography: 3SUM with Preprocessing

    Steve Hanneke (TTIC) —Proper Learning, Helly Number, and an Optimal SVM Bound

    Zhiyi Huang (University of Hong Kong) —Online Correlated Selection and Its Applications in Online Matching Problems

    Nathan Klein (University of Washington) —A (Slightly) Improved Approximation Algorithm for Metric TSP

    Euiwoong Lee (University of Michigan) —The Karger-Stein Algorithm is Optimal for k-cut

    Shachar Lovett (University of California San Diego) —Recent Progress on the Sunflower Conjecture, and Connections to CS

    Shay Moran (Technion) —An Equivalence Between Private PAC Learning and Online Learning

    Eva Rotenberg (Technical University of Denmark) —Fully-Dynamic Planarity Testing in Polylogarithmic Time

    Saurabh Sawlani (Carnegie Mellon University) —Near-Optimal Fully Dynamic Densest Subgraph

    Elaine Shi (Carnegie Mellon University) —Optimal Oblivious RAM and Sorting Circuits for Short Keys

    Santosh Vempala (Georgia Tech) —Solving Sparse Linear Systems Faster than Matrix Multiplication

    John Wright (University of Texas at Austin) —MIP*=RE


Abstracts can be found in the programme.